Takumasa Ono 

National Trust HENRO Exhibition
Sumi-e Japanese ink art 

My name is Takumasa


In 19999, Takumasa Ono who was an official artist of the National Trust in Japan toured the UK first visiting and sketching 58 National Trust properties.

Then he arrived again in the UK as a visiting artist as part of Japan 2001, a UK wide initiative, supported by the Japanese Ministry of Culture promoting Japan in the UK. During that time, he developed his 'HENRO (pilgrimage)' exhibition, working as an artist in residence with the National Trust. He was particularly impressed with the way that the UK as a country, through organizations such as the National Trust, conserves its natural and built environment. As a result, he moved to the UK with his family in 2002.

Since then he has been undertaking artistic projects with many of the National Trust’s leading properties across the UK, organizing educational workshops for children and adults as well as exhibitions. A percentage of his sales are regularly donated to the National Trust’s fundraising campaign. He has produced hundreds of pieces of artwork featuring more than 100 National Trust properties, through the medium of watercolour, screen-printing and Smi-e, a traditional form of Japanese brushwork art.

In 2005, his first book, The Simple Art of Sumi-e Mastering Japanese Ink Painting, was published in the UK and USA, France, Russia . In 2007, he exhibited his work and held Sumi-e workshops in Paris. Also, he has been commissioned to produce major pieces of his Sumi-e work for the Japan Room at the 106 million pounds Wales Millennium Centre, one of Europe’s most exciting new arts centre, in Cardiff Bay.

In 2008, he exhibited his work of the National Trust properties in Tokyo, Osaka and Chiba prefecture as the HENRO exhibition as part of 'UK-Japan 2008', supported by the UK Ministry of Culture promoting the UK in Japan.

2014, the National Trust was appointed his watercolors to the 2015 calendar, he also was awarded the “Japan Society Award 2014”.

2017, his HENRO exhibition at the National Trust is reached 17th year.​